It seems that you want to do the marketing campaign yourself? Sure! It is always good to learn something new. Practice makes perfect. We offer 1on1 training and group training.


Who should take the training class?

  • The marketers who have the plan to start a new campaign in the foreign land.
  • The marketers who want to learn a series of new digital marketing skill sets.
  • The junior marketers who want to get more case experience in a short time.
  • The beginners who wish to explore different marketing methodologies.


Why should you take the training class?

  • Time-saving. It takes years to get enough hands-on experience, and the training can bring you all the practical skills more than just delivering the academic knowledge where you can learn from the book on your own.
  • Flexible schedule. If you are running your time for a full-time job, it is hard for you to sit down taking the tradition school training. Let’s customize what you need to learn based on your previous marketing knowledge and work-life schedule. You only need a laptop and pick up the availability on your spare time,  then here we go!
  • Learn the local culture. It’s exciting but risky to explore the market you never know, any inappropriate campaign ideas due to the lack of cultural and policy understanding will bring the offense, which can be fatal for the market growth. Besides, area-acculturation and inculturation also play essential roles to understand your buyer purchase behavior and competitor strategies.


What will you learn?

Business to the US:
  • Digital ads setting method: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc
  • Google Analytics
  • Marketing metrics analysis
  • Google SEO
  • Social media marketing strategy: FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Business to China:
  • Digital ads setting method (CN): Baidu
  • Baidu SEO
  • Social media marketing strategy: Weibo, Wechat, etc.