Hand-free Integrated Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Frame Work

Marketing is different from sales. You can’t expect the immediate reward once you invest in it, which is similar to that you can’t get the fruit immediately once seeding. We have 7Ps impacting the success of marketing campaign: Product, Price, Positioning, Promotion, People, Packaging, Place. Marketing is everything about how to optimize the best resource together and come up the best campaign solution to the right person, in the right place, and at the right timing.


Marketing has its process for different stages. So, what’s your company’s phase now according to the chart below?


As you can see, the main three steps are brand awareness, lead acquisition, and lead conversion.  Technically, it is hard to track the awareness result, but this step is significantly essential to warm-up the market. As experienced marketers, we need to integrate the leads gen seamlessly with the brand awareness campaign because of any call-to-action behavior design will be helpful to improve the final ROI. Mostly, begin from the second step as lead acquisition, we need to spend more time to enhance paid ads, and organic traffic results through different marketing tactics. Once you get enough qualified leads, after your long-term content nurturing strategies, part of them is possible convert to the final purchase. The conversion rate varies based on different industries. The whole process is well known as the marketing inverted funnel.


It’s interesting that sometimes the gap between the sales and marketing departments are about the leads. Sales team always think marketing team does not provide enough qualified leads. Meanwhile, marketing will have similar concerns that the sales team fails to make full use of the leads collected during the campaigns.  As a result, some big companies integrate marketing automation systems such as Marketo with Salesforce. They give the score to different contact leads based on the specific definition and their reaction to the emails, and, they will apply different content nurturing strategy based on different score groups. However, for those startups or medium-size companies who don’t use those pricy systems, it will be better for all the business departments to reach agreements about the reasonable expectations before applying the campaign strategies.