Want to bring your service/products to China? As we all know, China has a substantial potential market. Due to the cultural difference and the new geopolitical system, it’s hard for a foreign explorer to give an accurate estimation of the needed cost and time commitment. In addition to, the marketing strategy also needs to be localized to meet the distribution expectation. So before starting the new journey, you can consider consulting or outsourcing the campaign execution to an experienced local team. Stay hands-free and worry-free when market to China.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Industry Expertise

  • Supply chain
  • Food / Deli
  • Groceries
  • Packaging
  • Medical beauty
  • IT

Industry / Market Analysis

  • Market Survey with quantitative analysis
  • Long-term research with mass data collection
  • Customized short-term product/service study
  • Competitor analysis


Survey Design

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Customized question design
  • Industry leader interview design


Digital Marketing

  • Baidu search/display ads
  • Youku video ads
  • Success metric track and analysis


Social Media Marketing

  • Wechat/Weibo campaign
  • TikTok campaign
  • Social mentioning analysis


Content Marketing

  • Quality copywriting for blog/newsletter
  • Social content strategy
  • Creative ad copy/idea design


Public Relationship

  • China top-tier industrial media exposure
  • Quality PR release
  • Chinese media pitch


KOL (Key Opinion Leader)

  • Influencer reach-out strategy
  • Influencer analysis and evaluation
  • Influencer reach-out channels



  • Industry events selection
  • Events sponsorship design
  • Onsite campaign strategy