China remained a growth economy in the past years. Lots of businesses choose the U.S market as the first milestone as the “Go Global Strategy.” To start a business overseas can be very helpful to improve global visibility, seize market opportunities and become the industry opinion leader in the overseas market.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Industry / Market Analysis

  • Local market need
  • Local market policy
  • Competitor analysis

Digital Marketing

  • Google search/display ads
  • Youtube video ads
  • Success metric track and analysis

Social Media Marketing

  • Social channels set up
  • Social content strategy
  • Social mentioning analysis

Content Marketing

  • Long-term email nurturing strategy
  • Quality copywriting for blog/newsletter
  • Creative ad copy/idea design

Search Engine Optimization

  • Target keyword analysis
  • Search volume forecast
  • Onsite/Offsite SEO implementation

Website / Landing Page Design

  • Layout optimization based on A/B Testing
  • Conversion improvement based on purchase behavior analysis
  • Bounce rate control based on content relevancy

Survey Design

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Customized question design

Public Relationship

  • U.S. top-tier media exposure
  • U.S. Media interview opportunities

KOL (Key Opinion Leader)

  • Influencer reach-out strategy
  • Influencer analysis and evaluation
  • Influencer reach-out channels


  • Industry events selection
  • Events sponsorship design
  • Onsite campaign strategy