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SEO Checklist 2017

Goal: This SEO checklist will be used to support all the landing pages for further CPC campaign. 5 factors will influence SEO: Competitive analysis   Indexability On-page ranking Off-page ranking Accessibility

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Marketing Strategy Brief for Startup

Marketing Strategy is a board concept. Each step depends on the long term vision planning and each action replies on the right timing. We need to focus on using the right timing to make the right decision. 

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SEO Checklist 2016

New Year New Update! Here is the SEO Checklist for 2016. It takes time to work on all of these items as part of your Marketing Strategy, but it is worthy! Enjoy! However, if you are focus on the video

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How to Improve YouTube SEO?

Are you a passionate film maker? If you have already been a famous Hollywood director, you can pass this article directly. Otherwise, if you are a creator just beginning to push your luck on YouTube platform, as part or your

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SEO Improvement Tips

In order to ensure your SEO result, you need to pay attention to some factors like search engine data, website structure site performance, site performance and so on. Here is the check list for the SEO improvement tip.

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Marketo Basic Operation Guide

Several days ago, I was chatting with one of my friends regarding marketing automation. He said Marketo was too expensive, and not each corporate could afford to use it. What’s my opinion on using Marketo? To be honest, in my

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Digital Marketing Frame Work

Digital Marketing Frame Work

Several decades ago, the concept of marketing was only limited to printing. It is the technology pushing us forward to our current life. There’s no doubt that the digital marketing plays such an important role. Here’s the frame work how

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Google Adwords Keywords Tips

New to Google Adwords Campaign?  Have no ideas about the keyword setting? Before continuing to the tips I shared below. Please have this information in your head Ad rank= CPC bid* Keyword quality Score Keyword quality score ranges from “1-10”.

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