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Event Marketing Checklist

Event marketing can be translated to Chinese as “会议活动营销” and “事件营销”. The first one refers to the traditional offline such as exhibition, conference etc. The latter one is more likely to create and direct breaking news for viral marketing online. Today

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Paid Ads Channels in China

If you own an oversea business, I guess you must be familiar with two words as ” Internationalization” and “localization”. Despite the differences between languages, the cultural background makes China market so special. Those paid ads channels can go beyond

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Successful Weibo Marketing Case Study in China:Xiaomi

Do you know that the American celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift have already run the Chinese Weibo for a long time? No matter which field do you belong to, there’s no reason to lose such a big market

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How to Do Wechat Marketing in China?

Based on the market request, the social media tools have been developing quickly all the time. The booming of Wechat began from 2011, which known as a free app to provide intelligent terminal with real-time communication services. The features on

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How to Do Weibo Marketing in China?

Weibo ( MicroBlog) is one of the most powerful social media platform for you to share the real time information with the public in China. To some extent, Weibo’s performance in China is just like what Twitter does in USA.

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Popular Social Medias in China

Social medias are so influential in now day life. To connect you friends and to explore your business opportunities. All the social medias are designed by market demand. Since each country has its own cultural and social networking preference, those

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eCommerce Payment Platforms in China

While we are thinking about to start the eCommerce in China, it is quite important to choose the right eCommerce payment platforms for your business. Now days most of the payment system based on the third-party platform, which can secure

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Creative Keyword Description In Baidu

After paying for PPC, what are you expecting from Baidu? Absolutely, a good ROI. But don’t forget, lots of competitors are doing the same thing. Maybe you can have some Tips for Setting Up Keywords properly to highlight your advantage.

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