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Business Policies in China

Want to enter the business market in China? Here are some useful links related with regulations and business policies in China. By visiting their websites, you will have a clear idea on how to register an office in China, how

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Bicultural Advertising Rules

Advertising is an almost universal channel for marketing communication.  All the advertisements must have the similarity in delivering the informative messages to their clients and enlarging brand awareness. However, the cultural differences also bring about the discrepancy in advertising rules

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Useful Links for Intellectual Property Protection

There are lots of ways to avoid being lost money, and one of them is to start intellectual property right protection as early as possible. Especially in US market, the awareness of intellectual right is the key for business competition.

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Internet Cen_sor_ship in China

In accordance with the internet cen_sor_ship policy in China, Chinese government dedicate to establishing a health Internet environment for the users. However, any information including violence, terrorism, porno, and the ones not good for sovereignty and territorial integrity will be

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