Today globalization is irreversible. This trend influences cultural patterns, and the young generation no longer takes an interest in their own culture. Gradually, the embracement of the diversity encourages more business to explore the opportunity in a foreign land.

However, market various from each other based on different cultures. We have to encounter lots of challenges for the changeable market discipline, regulation, and needs, especially in an entirely new country.

WV (Wonderful Voice) Marketing Agency is a group of talents who used to serve in the top-notch companies such as Google / YouTube, Intel, BMW, Burson-Marsteller, Baidu, Nielsen.

We began to help domestic B2B SMB growth in China in 2016 by providing integrated marketing solutions. 1 Years later, with the increased international service requirements from our clients, WV sensed the promising bi-cultural marketing business between the U.S. and China. After another year of preparation, WV has completed the strategic realignment and is ready to launch the service to Hongkong and U.S.

Meanwhile, most of our team has up to 8 years of work experience. We have accumulated a wealth of experience from past projects with a deep understanding of the China market. A lot of U.S. business wants to venture into China, however, have no clue with the first step due to the uncertainty. WV can open the China market for you. We can be your trustful buddy to achieve your expansion.