About Cecidea

Cecidea is the abbreviation of Cecilia’s idea, a platform which provides the information about bicultural marketing strategy tips both for Chinese and US markets. Understanding the local cultural and applying the appropriate language will be the basic communication request for the local business.Ceci_Cecilia's Idea

My name is Cecilia (Nick name: Ceci, Chinese name: Xiaojue XU). Dream chaser, bicultural marketing digger. I was born in China and I am living in CA, US now. I speak Chinese, Shanghainese, English and hablo un poco Español también. I used to work in Shanghai, China and Ibagué, Colombia. And I have started my new exploration journey in US too. The purpose for establishing Cecidea.com is to share the bicultural marketing ideas for those entrepreneurs who want to start a new office oversea, either in China or in US.  After moving to US, I just found lots of companies want to explore the foreign market but stuck with the cultural and language gaps. Since I am also interested in this bicultural marketing subject, I began to collect all the related information and compare the cultural difference for this interesting business world.

Why a successful company can never breathe in a new country?
Why a wonderful team fails to play its talent while facing to a cultural?
What are the rules we have never known?

The more I study, the more I feel excited about it. So a fresh idea jumped out. Why not sharing all this bicultural marketing information? All the people will be welcomed to discuss and exchange their ideas together.  We can regard Cecidea.com as bicultural marketing collaboration platform, no matter you are based in China or US. Let’s open another door for you to the opposite side of the world which you have never known.

Here is a short fun video campaign directed and produced by myself for my first Toastmasters club. Hope you enjoy it!